Saturday, December 31, 2016

It Was A Very Good Year...

2015--I began a script about reggae legend Bob Marley--the sister script to my completed script about elusive Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. By August, I was waiting for news on what would happen with both projects. By July 14, 2016, I had completed 360 pages and 21 chapters of what is now The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy. Book II: The Saga of Thranduil ( became a phenomenon I never saw coming. By November of this year, I had completed 500 pages between Book II and the extended version of Book II. I added the old Book III: To Eryn Lasgalen ( to Book II creating what will eventually be the complete story of Thranduil with 34 chapters (I am currently on Ch. 26).

My entire world became the epitome of a life that changed on a dime and changed nearly overnight in ways I could have never imagined. I spent 17 years on two scripts that were well-received but didn't seem to make waves that were expected. In a year and 5 months, I wrote my first book that spawned 9 Tumblr blogs, 5 Pinterest Boards, a Facebook Page, a Twitter feed, an Instagram, a Flickr page, a WordPress blog, LinkedIn, Blogspot, Reddit, Google Plus, and a Blogspot with fans that follow nearly everything TKWR Trilogy related. I went from 0 followers to over 482 followers on one website alone.

I am extraordinarily superstitious--I knock on wood constantly. I never not have something wooden within reach. Every even year since the second grade has always been a bad year for me. But 2016 seemed to change that streak somehow. Even on the last day of this year, I wait for something to fall down. There were a few things that began in 2015 that marked a change--my father and I both fell ill. I waited for us both to die. By Father's Day of 2016, I learned my father was physically weaker but better but his mind would never be the same. It was that day I also learned everything I began writing in 2015 about Thranduil had become a book of 296 pages. On the very day I would finish my first book, my own illness went into remission.

Things have changed now. The trilogy I began as a few stories here and there has become far more than I could have imagined and has gained interest around the world. I'm a member of the Mythopoeic Society. My father has his moments, but he's still with me and for him, I continue working on my book because I am determined to have at least the new Book II done while he's still here. I seem to have been accepted by some of the world's most respected authors and a growing fan and reader base. I am still superstitious. I will always be waiting for the fall but now I know that I can get back up. I never thought I'd ever say this about an even year, but 2016 was a good year. I wonder if odd number years are the accursed ones now. Maybe it was just my time to shine.

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